About us

Our Goals

Our main target and purposes since LIKE company has been launched was to find technical solutions to all software issues and problems In addition to keep pace with all the current situation needs by finding solutions to facilitate the daily life services and to escalate this services to be in line the new developed international software . We are working on develop a unique ideas and software projects and to find completed solutions to all our costumers which related to the smart phone applications in many programs and implemented in a very accurate and professional way.

Our Duty

Offering the best software solutions by exceeding our costumer expectations.

Our Vision

To be as a like company one of the best companies in creations and developing the soft ware ideas in the Syrian market ( the leaders in offering all kind of technical informations services ).

Our Message

Like company established to find program solutions in order to push and enhance the programming industry in our lovely Syria based on trendy and scientific methods depending on our experienced operators and team who has a perfect knowledge in this market.

Why Like

- our product is purely local
- very professional and efficient team
- the ability to educate the costumers and overcom, complete all the their needs
-after service one of our priorities